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We offer a wide range of beauty services from the centuries-old technique of threading to the contemporary services of more including the chic and artistic henna tattoos. Threading is a timeless technique of hair removal used in the past centuries. It is the best and most natural way to remove unwanted hair in a relatively painless and most precise manner, thus allowing for a beautiful arch in eyebrows. The salon seeks to combine ancient secrets of South Asian beauty with Western techniques. We are proud to serve our local community here in the US.

We take our commitment in providing the best hair removal experience very seriously and assure our clients that they will be met with a friendly & professional staff to service all their needs. All clients, even those with sensitive skin or those taking Retin-A and Accutane, can rest assured that they will leave the salon with a refreshing and positive experience.

We strongly believe that every client is different and therefore should be treated with customized care suitable for one's goal and skin types. Our qualified and experienced professionals will help you choose the right therapy and product that is most appropriate for you.

Step into our ideal place with a pleasing atmosphere for relaxation and nourishment of your body and spirit today.

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"I just wanted u to know I absolutely looooove my eyebrows, Don't know what I would do without you and your great talent."
- Victoria, Marcin Gora

"Clean & comfortable atmosphere! Having dealt with a butcher job on my eye brows in the past I have always been very uncomfortable with letting someone else shape my eye brows. Man I am so happy I came here. Great shape that is still full."
- Vallejo, CA, Beth M.

"Fast, easy, and the woman who assisted me was a total sweetheart & paid attention to what I requested; eyebrows came out great! Will definitely be coming back! Affordable at $10 for eyebrow threading; and they give you a rewards card so that your 8th visit is FREE. Bonus that they're open by 10 am and it wasn't crowded at all at that time :)"
- Noelle B., Vallejo, CA

"Oh thank God a legit threading place came up close to me. I was tired of waxing my eyebrows and walking out of the salon with my skin puffy from the trauma that waxing does to my face.  With that being said, this is a great place to go. I have never waited more than 5 or 10 minutes and they take walk-ins.  They ask you if you have any preferences with the shape of your brows and don't make you feel rushed. Decently priced too.

Great, quick place to go when you feel like your hairy eyebrows are taking over your face. Get em' tamed up at Eyebrow Hub.

P.S. If there is a long wait, there's a Starbucks nearby.
- Nathalie C., San Francisco, CA

Had a botched eyebrow wax couple of months ago and decided to try threading. Woman who did my eyebrows did such a good job. Very pleased, also they have a frequent threading card punch and after six threading they do service for free. Can't beat their prices either.

-Kathryn G, Napa, CA

I finally found the PERFECT place to get my eyebrows done. I've been to so many different shops to get my eyebrows done but the people never get it right. One day I was walking around the shopping center and discovered this new shop. I walked in and was greeted by this young lady. She was very friendly. I decided to get my eyebrows done. Usually when I go to the mall or any other place they just do my eyebrows without asking what shape I want. And it never turns out right!!!!  But here its different. They ask you exactly what you want, and trust me you get exactly what you want. The workers at eyebrow hub are professionals and highly trained. The prices are also great! They also have a lot of beautiful jewelry. You should definitely check this place out. No other shop in napa or elsewhere  can compare to this. 5 stars.

Angela M, Napa, CA

Love threading vs. waxing! This place not only shaped me up but the lady was very informative! I will be returning in 2-3 weeks for another session. Business card has a buy 5 get 6th free stamp deal. Who doesn't love getting stuff for free??

Sheena B, Napa, CA

I have been going to this place for a year now and have never been dissapointed. The owner does a great job, but the other ladies do a good job as well. So whoever you get knows what they are doing. Very friendly ladies that make you feel comfortable an nice clean envionment. Best in Napa

Sandy G, Napa, CA

Why Choose Brows Bar?

  • Experience the magic of thread
  • We do not use any chemicals or waxes, we use 100% cotton thread
  • Milder and less painful than waxing
  • We do not cut or pinch the skin
  • Threading does not cause redness like waxing does
  • Threading do not cause skin to sag and wrinkle
  • Hair does not need to be fully grown to use threading
  • Children as young as 10 and pregnant women can safely use threading

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Email: eyebrowhub@gmail.com

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